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About us

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Welcome to the comfort and ease of a 78&SUNNY day,

where the promise of warm sunshine and laidback vibes meet.

Since our journey began in 2020, 78&SUNNY has become more than a fashion statement; it’s a celebration of a vibrant, sunny outlook on life. Nestled in the heart of Los Angeles, California, our close-knit team creates each piece in the collection with a quintessential California style, crafting harmony between wellness, work, and play.

Our garments reflect the essence of our continued commitment to our craft. With every woven thread, 78&SUNNY combines a lifestyle brand of effortlessly elegant tops, cozy sets, beautifully tailored trousers, and our new premium denim line set to launch in Fall 2024.

The relaxed, sunny West Coast lifestyle inspires our seasonal collections. Featuring versatile pieces, our team has meticulously tailored to enrich your daily life. We take pride in our commitment to American craftsmanship, with over half of our products lovingly designed and produced in Los Angeles.

Thank you for soaking up the sun with 78&SUNNY. Your support means the world to us, and we’re thrilled to have you here on this beautiful, sun-filled journey.

With love and warm wishes,

The 78&SUNNY Team

The Creation Process

Based in Los Angeles, our 78&SUNNY team designs every product with you in mind.

Mission & Purpose

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Our mission is to create products that turn your wardrobe into a source of everyday confidence and joy. In short — clothes that inspire you to feel your best.


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From fabric to fit to feeling, we put an emphasis on comfort and ease. Our clothes have a casual, Californian style you can reach for all year long.


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We perform quality checks at every step in our Los Angeles Studio. Plus, we pay attention to the details you love, so we can improve future collections.

Our Design Process

Take a peek into how 78&SUNNY clothes journey from our studio to your wardrobe.

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Thoughtful Design

Our fabric-first philosophy means we make clothes that last, not break down after a day. We always choose soft and comfortable materials that look as good as they feel. With a year-round quality, 78&SUNNY products wear well on their own or combine with wardrobe items you already love.

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Collaborative Spirit

Teamwork makes the dream work! Every 78&SUNNY product is the result of a meaningful relationship between our talents and skilled craftspeople. Our teams loop in every piece of feedback and clear challenges together to bring you high-quality wardrobe favorites every season.

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We believe the journey is just as worthy as the destination — our community guides us through it all! We look back at every season and learn more about what you love and didn’t love, so we can keep building a better brand with you and for you.

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