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Plus Size Clothing

In the U.S., "plus size" typically refers to women's clothing labeled size 14 and up, but this can vary across countries. Sizing can also differ between categories of plus-size clothing, so it's always smart to check size charts and model details when shopping online. Remember, sizes are just numbers – what matters most is finding clothes that make you feel carefree and confident.

Dressing a plus-size body is about embracing your curves and expressing your most sun-kissed self! Here are a few tips to help you shine:

  • Highlight Your Favorite Features: Whether it's your waist, legs or neckline, choose pieces that accentuate what you love most about your body.
  • Play with Patterns and Colors: Don’t shy away from bold prints and sunkissed hues! Colors that flatter your skin tone and features bring you that golden-hour glow. 
  • Layer with Confidence: Layering isn't just for adding warmth – it's a great way to create dimension and highlight your favorite features. 

The most important thing is to wear what makes you feel relaxed and carefree.

Show yourself and your wardrobe some love with our best-selling plus size styles: