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Golden Hour Essentials

Golden hour, also known as the “magic hour,” graces us twice a day – at sunrise and sunset. During this time, the sun dips lower, casting a warm, diffused light that's pure magic for the eyes and the camera.

Photographers adore golden hour for the rich depth, shadows and dimension it brings to their shots. We love it for the serene beauty and radiant glow it infuses into our lives.

Our Golden Hour Essentials collection features elevated pieces that are perfect for slow sunrises and chasing sunsets.

As the sun rises or dips during golden hour, temps can get brisk. Our charming collection includes tees, long sleeves and golden hour sweatshirts to keep you cozy and cute while you soak it all in.

Layer our sunrise sweatshirt over the Surfside Scoop Tank for an easy, breezy and always-comfy combo. No matter the season, our signature-soft fabrics and sunny silhouettes keep you warm and glowing.

Chasing sunsets calls for easy-breezy style from day to dusk. For a softly structured, sun-kissed look, start with our best-selling Tahoe Tie-Front Top

Layer under our lightweight yet cozy golden hour sweatshirts and pair with our wide-leg jeans for that coastal-cool vibe. 

Finish off with your favorite sunnies, and you're ready to soak in every last ray.